Reused Old iPad to Watch Movies

It was finally time to dust off all the old iPad 2 that I had sitting around and put it to good use for traveling.

First I plugged it in and updated it to the latest iOS then my next mission was to install all  of my desired apps and then to find a way to install KODI.  For those who don’t know what KODI is, I don’t want to bore you with the details but the short version is it will allow me to play ANY movies or tv shows that I want. There is a way to install KODI without jailbreaking, HERE is the guide that I used. Not sure if it works for all iPads.

Once I got the iPad working I went over to TMobile and got an unlimited data plan which costs $25 a month.  It is a little pricey but the good thing is I am not tied down to a contract. So the plan is to cancel after the next trip.

I needed a cheap way to put it in my truck so I can across this awesome “Pro Clip” for $29.99
ProClip Center Mount

Next I ordered an Clear iPad Case and some Industrial Strength Velcro to mount the iPad onto the Pro Clip.


Hopefully this will make some road trips a little easier, the only thing I am worried about is the iPad is only 3G. Not sure how this speed will be with streaming Netflix & DirecTV. Will definitely be posting an update video after my next trip.

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