Big Bend of Colorado State Park

I told myself that this year I would try to visit all 16 Nevada State Parks and complete the Nevada Passport book.  For those who don’t know Nevada has a passport book that you can pick up and once you visit a state park you stamp the book.  Here is more info on the books. So far I have 2, the hardest part is going to be the state parks in Reno, the drive from Vegas to Reno is over 8 hours, and not very exciting. I recently visited my second park, Big Bend of Colorado, which is located in Laughlin, NV.  We only spent the day, but honestly that was all that we needed.  The trip was an easy one, just a little over 100 miles from Vegas. Not sure when the best time is to visit, temperature was about 100 degrees which wasn’t fun.

Temperature, AC in the trailer was on the entire time
River current, I understand we are on the river, but current was really strong
Distance from camp spot to beach, not walking distance

Huge campsites
Nice clean sandy beaches
Full Hook ups, about $30 a day
Clean beautiful water
Beach had ramada’s for shade

Must haves:
Shade for beach, limited ramada’s
Plenty of water

Overall I thought the beach was great, not sure if I would vacation here again.  I may be biased because my family has a boat, so it is easy for me to go to Lake Mead for the day.  We brought a kayak thinking we could ride around, which we saw on the website.  That was not the case, the current was really strong and was not possible.  Also I saw a lot of people on Sea Doo’s and they only care about themselves making waves and not making it very peaceful. When we pulled up to the campsite in the AM we were the only people in the campsite, out of 24 sites.  This was probably because the time of year and temperature. Everything was great, no complaints but we rather explore other places.

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