Traveling With Dogs

Do we take the dogs or do we leave the dogs with our parents, that is usually the first question we ask ourselves.  Audra and I have 3 dogs, all about the same size, but completely different personalities.  Kailee, the oldest had leg surgery beginning of the year, so she can’t participate in everything we do.  Susie probably doesn’t care to at all, and Lizzie loves to be involved. This last trip to Big Bend of Colorado we took 2 of the dogs with us and they had a great time.  Our biggest concern on trips is how long will be be gone from the trailer, can we bring dogs, and temperature.  At home we have a doggy door so the dogs are well trained, yet use to doing things on their own.  The biggest concerned for me is temperature, if something were to happen with power or the AC unit in the trailer I would never know.  Recently I came across the Nimble, its a temperature monitor with a pay as you go system.  I haven’t been able to try this out yet, but it on my list of stuff to buy.  One bummer for me is you have to pay a monthly subscription, you can not connect to a hotspot.  I couldn’t justify paying for that subscription as well as my hotspot subscription.  So naturally I found a cheaper solution.  First I purchased a digital clock with a thermometer, I placed the on the floor where the dogs like to lay and I started up my iPad baby monitor app which was connected to my SkyRoam hotspot.  Then on my cell phone I was able to open the app, see the dogs and view the current temperature in the RV.

Dog training is another big issue that we have been working on.  At home they have their beds and where they need to be when we are eating etc.  One play we use for them is one of the bunks of the trailer.  They actually enjoy this and have a great view of outside and inside of the trailer.  This way they are out of the way, and in “bed”.


For outside I have purchased a camping cot, this is a great foldable solution for keeping them off of the ground and in a place where they belong.

Hope some of these things help, please comment on some other ideas and tips for traveling with dogs!

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