Preparing for the iPhone X

As we enter the month of October, we are about 27 days from the iPhone X preorder, so it is about time to start preparing all my gadgets for the X.  Currently I have an iPhone 7, so it will be exciting to go with something a little bigger.


I decided to go with a Peel Case, rather then the Apple case that I have used in the past.  The Peel is $24 and comes in 7 different colors, where as the Apple is $39 for Silicon and $49 for Leather.

Wireless Charging

The idea of the wireless Qi charging to me seems great for by the best for in the middle of the night not having to find the cord and being able to pick it up with out the cord tangling on anything.  For this I am going to purchase the Mophie Wireless Charing Base for $59. I am really excited to use this wireless feature along my bedside.

USB-C Charger

It was time to purchase a faster charger and I decided to purchase the Anker Premium 5-Port 60 Watt charger for $49 from Amazon. As for the cord I decided to get a Multi Charger Cable therefore I can charge up Mini USB devices.

Running Band

One thing I love to do is run and compete against other friends via the Nike+ app and to do this I use my phone with me to record all my runs, so to hold my phone during my runs I purchase this SUPCASE iPhone Band.

Those are all the new gadgets I have purchased prior to ordering my iPhone X.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!!

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