My New Favorite Router – TP-Link AC1900

After several years of using my AirPort Extreme it was time to move on to something new.  I first purchased the AirPort Extreme for the Time Capsule capabilities but with the use of iCloud it wasn’t worth it anymore.  I recently purchased the TP-Link AC1750 for our Airbnb property, The Javy House.  I love it, it was easy to set up and I am able to VPN into the network incase I need to make any adjustment to my home automation set up.  After noticing some speed delays in my current home with streaming 4K and complaints from Audra, it was time to upgrade.  I was going to purchase AC1750, but I decided to go a step above that and get the AC1900.  So far everything is great! I love the VPN features of these routers and also the Tether app were I can adjust settings to both routers from anywhere via my iOS app.

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