Why Tesla Pickup Is A Life Changer

January 2016 I purchase my 2014 GMC Sierra to be able to tow the family boat on my own and with future plans in purchasing a travel trailer.  August of that year Audra and I found the trailer we wanted and purchased a brand new Jayco 26 foot travel trailer.  We promised each other we would go on one trip a month and explore new camping sites.  Almost 2 years later we have gone on a total of about 16 trips.  There isn’t a single thing that we regret with our set up (my truck & the trailer) but there is one thing that really hurts and hold us back from traveling.  That is the cost of gas.  My truck averages about 16 mpg, when towing I average about 8 mpg, visiting certain secluded areas gas prices are a lot higher.  Elon Musk has announced a Tesla Pickup, I never really thought about it until I started to record my gas spending.  This Tesla truck could be a life changer.  Audra and I have always had the dream of just traveling for a year in the trailer before we had kids. Although the biggest variable expense would be gas.  An average trip for us is about 250-300 miles one way. Our annual trip from Las Vegas to Temecula for wine tasting is about 576 miles total.  In November we went for 2 nights, filled up 4 times with an average of $3.60 a gallon.  I filled up about 84 gallons for a total of $302.  Below is a spreadsheet of the total spending.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 8.57.35 PM

I calculated the total KW/H to about 3.5 miles a KW at about 11 cents.  This was a number I found on a bunch of Tesla forums as an average.  This number is rough to estimate because clearly with a heavier payload my energy consumption per mile changes a lot. No matter what the number is, it is still a HUGE difference from the $302 in gas.  The $18 I have could even be lower.  Due to charging at home before the trip at a low cost and then charging at the campsite for free before heading home.

In closing, Elon, I need this truck ASAP! I much rather spend $1,000 a month on an electric truck payment then a $700 payment and $300 in gas each month.

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