Rivian R1T – All Electric Pickup Truck

Rivian, a start up company announced their all-electric pickup truck.  Perfect timing as I have doing a lot of research on electric vehicles.  This would be a great truck for myself, and to help towing our travel trailer.  They have stated production starts in 2020, but when will they actually be delivered? Price starts at $69,000 for low range, some may think that’s a lot but any high-end truck on the market will run you about $50k-$60k.  If you look back at my gas cost for my trip to Temecula and if you incorporate cost of gas as well as your monthly payment I think this is a great deal.  Only thing that holds me back from any EV besides Tesla for travel is the ease of charging along the way.  Tesla has made it so easy for people to navigate and use of their charging network.  Since my pickup is used so often for travel, it would be nice to have the navigation simplified exactly how Tesla does it.  Definitely interested to see how Tesla responds with their pickup.

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