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Preparing For Our Tesla Model 3 Delivery

The time has come, our Model 3 is on the way.  The buying process couldn’t have been any easier. We test drove the car on Thursday, we went over the numbers in the show room, the Tesla employee gave me his number and said, “You can order here or just do it when you get home. Text me if you need help.” It was a nice change of pace not feeling pressured into a purchase. We woke up the next day on November 30th and we put down the $2,500 to start the order process from bed.  Now its time to start buying the “necessary accessories”.

128 GB USB Stick $22.99- This is for dashcam in the new V9 software

USB Splitter $5.99- There are only 2 USB ports in the front, and one port is needed for the USB Drive. This way we can still have 2 USB ports for passenger and driver.

Center Console Wrap $39.99 – Matte finish for the center console to avoid all the finger prints on the piano finish.

Center Control Screen Protector $16.68 – Since this screen in the control panel for literally everything in the car, this protector will help with all the finger print smudges.

Key Card Holder $7.99 – This card is the main “key” for the car. When dropping the car off at the valet this holder will make it easier for valet to not lose. This is something you can keep in the glovebox and then put the card in the holder to give to valet.



1 comment on “Preparing For Our Tesla Model 3 Delivery

  1. Joseph Johnson

    Finally getting into one of your cars of the future! Very exciting and I can’t wait to see it when it’s delivered! 🤩

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