Dollar Cost Averaging in Bitcoin

I have been involved in crypto currency since about mid 2017, I have tried everything to accumulate more and more, from mining, day trading and just buying dips.  For about 6 months I was mining Ethereum, then I purchased a Bitcoin miner.  Let me tell you, these things take a lot of power and gets really hot!  After mining and getting my ass kicked with a few trades, I have decided to invest into crypto with nothing but dollar cost averaging.

This has been the best strategy for me, and I think for a lot of people that do not really understand crypto and want to invest should definitely utilize this strategy. The key to this is to buy the same amount on the same day ever week no matter the price.  I have chosen Tuesdays, because this is usually my first day off, so I can deposit my money from work on Monday and buy first thing on Tuesday.  There has been some charts that show earlier in the week have been the best buy prices.

This year, my main DCA portfolio is up 90%, I started a couple other buys later on in the year, from some spare cash. For the year my total DCA portfolio is up 142%.

To get started download Coinbase, in here you can set up a recurring purchase, DO NOT look at the price, just buy religiously on the same day once a week! As far as how much, it really doesn’t matter, $20 will do fine. If you want to get started you can use my referral link below. As far as what to buy, I suggest just purchasing Bitcoin, or do your own research and find a different crypto currency.

Coinbase Link

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