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10 Top Reasons Why Tesla Pickup Is A Must Have

*Photo is a mockup*

I can’t lie I don’t miss a day on Twitter and checking Elon’s tweets to see if there is any new news on the Tesla Pickup.  For one, I love electric vehicles, and two, I love pickups.  Three years ago my wife and I purchased a travel trailer, what I have noticed is our biggest cost when camping is the gas price.  For the last year and a half I have been tracking all my gas cost to see how much I really put in gas.  Not only the gas cost but there is a 10 real reasons why I am excited for the Tesla Pickup.

This is a list I have compiled from all the things Elon has mentioned the truck will have.

  1. Air Suspension – I never really new much about suspension until my trailer, I added air suspension to the back wheels to help with the extra weight of the trailer and payload.  This would be so helpful when I can sit in the driver seat and raise my truck suspension for extra weight or clearance.
  2. Tesla Charging Network –  For those that don’t know about the charging network, its pretty amazing how many charging stations there are, and how great the battery management system is for traveling.
  3. Fits 6 – Not sure how this is going to work, but supposedly the truck will fit 6 people.   Our trailer can actually sleep 10, now I do not plan on having 10 sleep in the trailer., but the extra room in the car with the dogs and the future first born.  This will be very roomy for longer trips.
  4. 240 Outlet – The bed of the truck is going to have a 240 outlet, this will be huge for powering the trailer.  Currently when off-grid camping I have to bring my two generators and gas to power the trailer’s AC.  With a 240 outlet I will be able to just plug the trailer into the bed of the truck and power the AC if I needed too.  No more use for generators.
  5. Solar Charging – The dream set up would be solar panels on the top of the trailer to charge up the trailer when off-grid.  No need to worry about how far the closest gas station is.
  6. Gas Costs – One big issue when traveling is when we cross into different states the change in gas prices.  I would fill up for about $3 a gallon in Las Vegas, as soon as I got to California, the price was $4.20.  Cost of electricity at charging stations is the same across the country.
  7. Regenerative Braking –  For anyone that has driven an electric car, the one pedal driving utilizing regenerative braking is the best way to drive.  This takes a lot of wear and tear off the braking system.  While towing this would be such a great and easier way to slow down the truck as well as the trailer.
  8. Range – Elon has stated the range on the pickup will be between 400-500 miles, this blows my GMC out of the water.  Of course when towing you probably will get half the range, but 200-250 while towing is still great.
  9. Summon – I have learned to love the summon feature with my wife’s Model 3.  This is a feature to move the car forward and backwards via the phone or key fob.  This will make things easy when hooking up and unhooking the trailer.  This was I will be able to unhook, and Summon the car forward, or I can line the truck up, get in front of the trailer and Summon back to the hitch.
  10. Autopilot – Currently with the Model X you can not Autopilot when in Tow Mode.  Hopefully this will be updated later when the truck releases.  This would be amazing for long trips, usually a 260 mile trip will take about 6 hours with stops.  Driving 65 for a straight distance gets pretty boring, hopefully Autopilot can help make this a little easier.


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